A Simple At-Home Treatment to Boost Your Immune System during COVID-19 Pandemic


A simple self-administered treatment of hydrogen peroxide using a nebulizer has been proven to be effective against viruses. I have been passing on information for you to strengthen your immune system which only makes sense in this time of COVID-19. Dr. Mercola has again published on his website an article titled Could Hydrogen Peroxide Treat Coronavirus?

Quoting from this article, “Can an inexpensive and easy to administer at-home treatment treat the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2? According to Dr. Thomas Levy, the answer is yes. The remedy in question is hydrogen peroxide, aerosolized in any standard nebulizer.”

STORY AT-A-GLANCE (as quoted from this article)

  • Nebulized hydrogen peroxide therapy is an inexpensive and simple way to treat most viral respiratory illnesses

  • All you need is a nebulizer with a face mask that covers your mouth and nose, and common household 3% hydrogen peroxide, available at most grocery stores and pharmacies for less than $1

  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) consists of a water molecule (H2O) with an extra oxygen atom. The oxygen inactivates viral pathogens by breaking down the viral structure

  • Additionally, your immune cells actually produce hydrogen peroxide. This is in part how your immune system kills infected cells. Hydrogen peroxide therapy aids your immune cells to perform their natural function more effectively

  • To prevent an infection from taking hold, begin treatment at first signs of symptoms. Commercially available 3% hydrogen peroxide is fine for this purpose, and can be used without dilution for 10-15 minutes, four times a day, until your symptoms are relieved.

Also quoted from the article, Dr. Thomas Levy states:

While different individuals can be expected to have variable degrees of positive response, this intervention can be anticipated to eliminate eventual fatal disease outcomes in all but the most advanced cases.”

If this information has caught your interest please go to Dr. Mercola’s article by clicking on the title Could Hydrogen Peroxide Treat Coronavirus? It is necessary to read this article and take Dr. Mercola’s guidance before considering this recommendation as there is a lot more valuable information for you to know if you are considering this protocol.

From all appearances this procedure has value in strengthening your immune system against COVID-19. As I come across other supports for the immune system I will continue to pass them on, as my goal is for you all to stay healthy during this time of COVID-19. I did some research on Amazon, and the nebulizers and hydrogen peroxide are available for home delivery. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

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