Primary Distance Healing

Don’t let physical distance prevent you from experiencing the incredible healing and balance that can be yours with Cranial/Structural Energetics Cranial Core Distortion release. Receive treatment virtually anywhere in the world with our Distance Healing technique. Start healing all painful and limiting muscular and skeletal problems today! Just choose from the following Distance Healing options, and we will contact you to schedule your Distance Healing session.

First select Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release $89.99

Our distance healing techniques utilize the insights of Cranial/Structural Energetics, which always start with Core Distortion Release. Once the core is released, more specific healing options become available. Please select Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Release Only to begin the distance healing process. Select additional healing options now, or return any time after your initial Core Distortion Release for additional healing options.

Additional healing options
$49.99 each

Cranial/Structural Energetics for Infants with Special Problems

Special Needs Children

Cranial/Structural Energetics for Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

Cranial/Structural Energetics for Emotional Problems

Core Distortion Release for Muscular/Skeletal Pain & Dysfunction

Cranial/structural Energetics for Illnesses & Diseases

Call Laura McCann at 813-928-3120 if you have any questions.

Light Meditation Audio

Expand your consciousness and begin the healing process with our Light Meditation Audio mp3s.

  • Light Meditation 9:44
  • Light Meditation to Increase Intuition 6:28
  • Light Meditation to Balance Chakras 9:20

3 Downloadable Audio Files $14.99

Limited CD Availability
Call Laura McCann

156B Whitaker Road
Lutz, FL 33549-5792



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