From a recent student …

Experiencing and working with energy is a very inspiring experience. Seeing the results so immediately is very rewarding. I did not know what to expect when signing up, but I certainly recommend attending and being a part of this exciting field that is growing very quickly. The Cranial Structural Energetics class was a wonderful workshop!

— Penny Chester-Reilly, CSE Student


The magic of the heart space …

After the Cranial Structural Energetics class, I was blissfully ‘playing’ from my heart space for a solid three and half hours during my flight! I figured since I wasn’t working on the morphic field of everyone on the plane — but rather with one person at a time from a distance, it was safe for me to play in my heart while in flight.

I even dance and played and healed with my inner child in my heart space! You know, reaching out to people in my life to heal, observe, and connect with them is amazing but to realize I could connect with my inner child in my heart space was incredible even more so! I found it to be rather interesting and very comforting to feel the “company” of my inner child and to share the experience with another in class.

I connected with myself at three different ages while in flight: my 8-year-old self, comforting her for the bumpy ride ahead, my 18-year-old self as we slid down the slide to the hot tub room in the earth to hang out there and talk, and my 15-year-old self as I just sat with her. Before I said “goodbye” to each age, we danced to fun songs and just had some fun time together! I was listening to my iPod during the flight. What a wonderful feeling! I’ll definitely send you a message when I come across any other significant experiences while in my heart space. I’ll be keeping you in mind when I do.

— Christine Nordquist, Structural Energetic Therapist
Minnesota, USA


CSE techniques speed healing …

I had a root canal on Tuesday. My first one ever!! I don’t do well with having dental work done; major anxiety, pain etc. During the treatment I did the energy techniques I learned with Don in the Cranial Structural Energetic Therapy class. I’ve hardly had any pain and the infection is visibly better by 90%. The dentist said it would have taken ten days  it’s taken three!

In addition, here’s a quick story about what happened during a personal training session I had with a client today. While my client was breathing, stretching and connecting to his center — I did some Cranial Structural Energetic Therapy work with him to help him feel better and to relax. He said his shoulder was bothering him. I sent out the intention of general healing. After he was finished and we were about to move into the next aspect of his session, he said “We just had a miraculous healing.” I asked what he was talking about. He then explained he had a rather large floater appear in his vision of his right eye in January. His eye doctor told him it was a wrinkle in his retina and that it may or may not be permanent. My client then said that the ‘wrinkle’ was gone and it was the first time in months that he’d been able to see clearly out of his right eye!!! Pretty cool!

— Debi Cristiano, Holistic Personal Trainer & Certified Fitness Professional
Sarasota, FL


The following is from a mother regarding her two children …

Jack, age 7, chronic sinus issues prior to treatment. Significantly less issues following treatment. As a result of being premature physicians wanted to use oral steroids for a minimum of a year. We resisted and with treatments with Don, Jack has remained healthy without use of medication. Jack has also experienced facial and eye tics as a result of his congestion. Don relieves this instantly with one treatment. April, age 8. April had chronic ear infections that have cleared completely after having being treated by Don.  April was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication (Intuniv) for this. She was often restless and unable to settle herself. In her worst moments, we came to Don and April got significant emotional release and usually, within 1-2 days after treatment, she was much more relaxed and able to sleep. After 1 year on Intuniv, we were unhappy with the side effects and stopped the medication. With help from Don, April has had her best year in school and is more emotionally balanced than ever. Thanks, Don. Our family is stronger and healthier because of you. Thanks to Don, both of my children have been given almost no medication for multiple conditions when the pediatricians thought medication was the only option.

— Cynthia D. Guttman
Florida, USA



Balance for equine endurance competition …

Through Structural Energetic Therapy®, my client immediately noticed a change in her daily and competition rides. She now no longer has the sacroiliac joint, right hip and shoulder discomfort after these long rides. To make sure her body was being supported by the horse, I energetically released the horse’s cranial/structural core distortion [using the Cranial/Structural Energetics techniques]. A week later, I visited her home again to test the client riding bare back on the horse and then with blanket/saddle to make sure the horse and client’s body structure were fully supported, with kinesiology testing. The client is continuing to experience improved horse rides and competition results, without pain.

— C. Davis
Georgia, USA


New hope for autistic children and their families …

Don, My daughter brought my 2 year old grandson to you … just after he had been diagnosed as autistic. After that first treatment his various self stimulating behaviors immediately decreased in regularity and intensity, and more importantly became predictable — i.e. in proportion to overall environmental stress levels. [In the next treatment,] the results were greater than she could ever have imagined. She feels that the release you brought about, which had been fomenting within Holden for about a year, has born the sweetest fruit. Within a day he developed a rash, started simultaneously at the major lymph clusters and spreading a rosy hue over most of his face and body. By the end of the week the splotchyness had transformed into a healthy glow that remains today, a month later. The greatest news is that, according to his astounded speech therapist, he has progressed in his speaking ability about 1 year in the last month!  He is 90% intelligible, pronouncing and enunciating even the “hard” letters like “w” and “r” combinations on a par with most other 3 year olds! Don, not only has SET released the potential in Holden, but the ripple effect has transformed my whole family, from lifting my daughter’s heaviest weight and darkest fears to bulwarking my own determination to become the most skillful SET practitioner that I can. It’s truly amazing to see the energy, generated by events like this, flow on to every living thing that we encounter. Thanks again, Don, for working Holden into your schedule and applying your techniques with such loving intensity! (SET Therapist, Alan Repas, for his daughter, grandson and family with their permission)

— Alan Repas, Structural Energetic Therapist, for his daughter, grandson and family, with their permission
Gainesville, FL


Vertigo relief …

A client consulted me for disabling vertigo that began after a serious car accident over 20 years ago. She had not been able to lie on her back for approximately six years without experiencing extreme vertigo. Since she couldn’t lie down I used the Cranial/Structural Energetic techniques to initiate the release of the structural collapse of the core distortion, the main cause of her extreme vertigo, while she sat in a chair. After just 3 sessions of using these energy  techniques and applying some soft tissue work to release the very restricted neck and shoulder musculature she was able to lie flat on her back!  Being able to release the structural restrictions energetically in the first couple of sessions that were causing her vertigo made it possible for me to then apply the rest of the Structural Energetic Therapy® techniques which has resulted in full rehabilitation from the disabling vertigo attacks! Her testimonial follows – she has her life back!

— Pam Putnam, Structural Energetic Therapist
Lutz, FL

Dearest Pam:

I cannot express in a simple email how unbelievably lucky I am that I
was introduced to you just a little over a year ago, and to have your
amazing ability with massage/therapy to give me a healthy return to
normalcy.For almost six years I had lived with the diagnosis that would
condemn me to a life of vertigo — never knowing when I would be thrown
into an unbalanced situation without anything to give me relief!
The most difficult part of this situation was that I did not have
anything to rely on that would say, "Don't do this," or "Do this,"
and you won't have this problem. The western medic... these pills just
put me to sleep. Of course, when I awoke, I was still suffering from
vertigo. The western medical doctors had no clue how to give me relief.
But you did! For an extreme test on how well I have progressed with your
help, yesterday I had to have a root canal surgery unexpectedly. This,
of course, required that I would be put in a position in this new
dentist's chair that would have normally caused me to go into a
tailspin/vertigo at its worst! I advised this new surgeon of my vertigo
problems. He was most sensitive and caring and listened to my fears. He
very gently lowered the back of the chair in increments that would not
alarm me — and, as it happened, there were absolutely no problems!! I am
so proud!! No vertigo problems!!! I was "under" for about one hour, flat
on my back, pressure being applied to my tooth/neck/head, and... no
vertigo problems. YEAH!!! Pam... I love you ! for All you have
accomplished for me.

Brandon, FL


156B Whitaker Road
Lutz, FL 33549-5792



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