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Financial Resources Update, Breathing Using Wim Hof Method, Melatonin – Another Supplement To Boost Your Immune System During Covid-19 Pandemic

I hope you have enjoyed reading my previous blogs and articles. The article following this blog includes an update on financial resources. Plus there is another breathwork technique that can lower your stress and doesn’t need a facilitator, and another nutritional supplement – Melatonin – recommended by many health professionals that is getting a lot of press as one of the supplements that can boost your immune system.

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Healing Group Light Meditation

Today, we are all challenged like never before by the COVID-19 Virus and for many of us, it’s never been more important for our immune systems to be functioning at their highest level.

Even in the best of times with normal every day accumulative stress, our immune systems are comprised by worry and fear but in the last month or so, mix in isolation, financial insecurity, concern for loved ones, and disruption of daily routine, and we have an array of distress recipes compromising immunity that much more.

What’s a solution? Join us as we utilize Healing Group Light Meditation to release stress and fear and bring our immune systems to their highest level of functioning. Even if you don’t meditate, the guided Healing Group Light Meditation will work for you.

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