Healing Group Light Meditation


Today, we are all challenged like never before by the COVID-19 Virus and for many of us, it’s never been more important for our immune systems to be functioning at their highest level. 

Dr. Andrew Goliszele, “How Stress Affects the Immune System”, Psychology Today explains that  “The ability to fend off illness and disease depends on several factors, some of which are beyond our control, but the way we react to stress and the general health of our immune system are things we can influence. If we’re not able to change our response to stressors, we’ll find ourselves in a constant hormonal battle that will lead to serious health issues like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. The brain and the immune system are in constant communication in this delicate balance that can be disrupted by any kind of physical or emotional stress.”

Everyday stress is accumulative and can lead to comprised immune systems but now add worry, fear, isolation, and disruption of routine and we have an array of distress recipes leading to illness vulnerability. 

What’s the solution? Find out in our Healing Group Light Meditation: 

*Learn and experience how to release fear and worry from your mind and fill your heart with love and light. 

*Learn and experience how to lower your stress and feel connected, not isolated. 

*Learn and experience how to build and use love and divine light to energize the torsion field of the heart as we focus on clearing negative emotions, fear, and anger that lead to anxiety, withdrawal, and depression, etc

*Learn and experience how to access at any time the positive light energy in the torsion field of your heart for healing. 

*Learn and experience how to use the expansion of our group energy to magnify healing for each participant. 

Join us as we utilize Healing Group Light Meditation to release stress and fear and bring our immune systems to their highest level of functioning. Even if you don’t meditate, this guided meditation will work for you.

Join here for only $20 for an hour of instruction and meditation. 

In addition, we’ll be offering a FREE instructional light meditation developed and narrated by Don McCann that you can download on the Cranial/Structural Energetics website.

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