Hope your day is going well, and you are healthy. I have talked to many people who are struggling to keep their mood up and stay positive. On a consult with a well-known integrative medicine practitioner, he asked me if I am taking SAM-E. He said that SAM-E is a very good anti-inflammatory for small aches and pains but also gives a nice mood boost. He is recommending that all his patients take extra-strength SAM-E once a day to help with sleep challenges and handle the stress and the anxiety associated with the life changes due to COVID-19. It sounded like good advice to me so I am now taking it and I am passing his recommendation on to you.


1. (link to article) I know that many of you are not able to make a living right now and are looking for the government assistance. For those of you who have gone through the unemployment process I know it has been a very difficult and long process. Some good news is the Florida DEO (Department of Economic Opportunity) has opened a new mobile friendly website where Floridians can apply for unemployment benefits. You can access the application at . If you haven’t applied for an unemployment benefits claim please complete your application there. It’s important for any Floridian who lost a job due to COVID-19 to complete an application.

2. (link to article) Track your IRS stimulus payments now. First funds will go to people who have filed tax returns for the last two years and have authorized direct deposit. There will be an update on Friday, April 17th, on the “Get My Payment” tool that will guide users to submit banking information so they can receive their stimulus checks more quickly. Paper checks may not go out until May. There will also be a click here to check your payment allowing you to keep track of when and where your payment is.

3. If you are having difficulty with a bank for a Small Business Paycheck Protection Plan or don’t have a bank to apply through, there is good news. PayPal has opened a Small Business Loans Loan Builder where you can apply. ( ) . Don’t hesitate to apply if your bank has not given you good service or you have not applied before. You can receive 2 ½ times your monthly payroll and if the money is used for payroll, rent, and utilities the loan can be forgiven.

4. (link to article) As the stimulus checks come out private debt collectors could grab them from your account. There is no provision in the CARES Act that prohibits debt collectors from garnishing stimulus money that is sitting in a personal bank account. “If people are worried about debt collectors they should take their money out right away,” says Lauren Saunders, Associate Director at the National Consumer Law Center.

Special thank you to Adrian Morell and Joel Rayburn for bringing the financial information to my attention so I can pass it on. Thank you very much.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.

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