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Maintaining and Maximizing your Immune System to Prevent COVID-19

We can be our best friend or worst enemy during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Take responsibility for the condition of your own immune system. Find out if you are missing some important steps or have maximized your immune system for fighting off any exposures to COVID-19. Don’t wait until it is too late. It’s easier to raise your immune system to fight it off than to fight the infection of the virus.

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Tips on Sanitizing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Confused? Sanitizing may be your best defense from COVID-19. The CDC tells us that social distancing and sanitizing are two of our main defenses against contacting COVID-19. As many of you have found this is a bigger challenge than you expected. Tips on sanitizing during the pandemic can make you aware of areas that you had previously not considered and offer solutions. In addition, find out about some of the best holistic, non-toxic sanitizers and options you have for protecting yourself, your family, and those you love. Click on the link for more information.

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