Accelerating Spirituality, Expansion and Transformation

by Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT, MA3267, MM3717

It’s a great time to be alive!

There is more energy available on the planet now for growth and transformation than at any time in the past 2000 years. The ability to transform spiritually and evolve out of old emotional behavioral patterns can take place more quickly now than even a year ago. We have moved into an age where the energy of the heart is more important than the energy of domination, manipulation and control that was the old paradigm of the last 2000 years. Those who have let go of old emotional and behavioral patterns are finding this New Year to be full of excitement, love and light. Those who are stuck in their old emotional behavioral patterns and have yet to release them are experiencing greater struggle, turmoil, and pain as the changes of the new era are upon us. Since we are all, as Wayne Dyer says, “spiritual beings having a human experience,” (101 Ways to Transform Your Life, CD) our reason for being here is to grow and expand spiritually as people and not stay stuck in old survival patterns. Survival patterns based on fear only bring pain and suffering.

A place that many people ignore in their spiritual emotional transformation is their body.

Our bodies are where we have stored emotion and old painful experiences. They can act like an anchor preventing us from moving forward into more joyful and loving experiences. The old emotional patterns and experiences that are stored in our bodies are composed of energy. They become denser accumulating additional experiences, and, with their associated thought and belief systems, become a negative mental mass in the body. This negative mental mass has physical manifestations in illness and disease and in the distortion of our bodies creating structural degeneration and pain. The good news is that this can be released which will allow us to move into a new physical structure where our bodies can be supported and pain free. The beauty of this is that this is not only a physical growth and expansion but also spiritual and releases us from repeating old patterns over and over again.

It’s very difficult to behave and act from your heart without being connected to the heart.

When you were born your body had a specific twist in it called the core distortion. This core distortion inherently has specific weaknesses in the muscles and structure (the spine and bones). Because of this weakness certain muscles thicken and tighten to compensate for the structural twist and others never fully develop. As we age and go through life we opportunistically store up emotional experiences that are painful behind these chronically tightened muscles from the core distortion. An additional disadvantage of this distortion is that the pelvis and abdomen, the area of the three lower chakras, become blocked off energetically from the diaphragm and the heart chakra. When this happens it is easier for people to act from fear of survival, sex, and power of the lower chakras, and very difficult to behave and act from their hearts without being connected to the heart. If we look at the world today we can see what this result has been — wars, domination, manipulation, pollution, and out of control non-connected sex and fear. The good news is that the information and capability of releasing this core distortion is now on the planet, only recently arriving within the last 20 years with the practice of Structural Energetic Therapy®.

Good news! Releasing distortions in our bodies opens energy flows for expansion, evolution, and transformation!

When the core distortion is released from the body old emotional and behavioral patterns release more completely and easily than ever before. The body is also balanced through the chakras and able to be connected to the heart chakra supported by lower chakras. There is energy available from lower chakras as a base, like a pyramid, to support the desires of the heart. This accelerates transformation and evolution with the expanding energies of the present. In addition, there is a change in the structure of the upper body including the cranium that allows a reactivation of the pineal gland and intuitive/psychic abilities. With these capabilities and the energies that are now on the planet people are well equipped to transform and evolve rapidly in our present times.

Enter Cranial/Structural Energetics for individual and group healings to release old emotional and behavioral patterns for spiritual transformation!

The information, skill and energy to release the core distortion from others can be developed by expanding the field of the heart. Cranial/Structural Energetics, a branch of Structural Energetic Therapy®, uses energetic techniques such as a Light Meditation and scalar physics. These have led to the understanding and the techniques to create positive change in healing and release energetically the core distortion in not only individuals but also in groups. It is now possible for individual and group healings that will release the torsion of the body (core distortion) with Cranial/Structural techniques. This has a profound effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation from pain, unlocking physical and psychic potential, and helping to release old emotional and behavioral patterns — the anchor that holds back and restricts transformation.

Now is the time to clear, and to embrace the spiritual transformation that is available. The energetic practitioners of this healing modality practice Cranial/Structural Energetics therapy, a branch of Structural Energetic Therapy. For further information go to, or call 813-949-2245.

Don McCann, MA Counselor Education, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist, 37 years of private practice, developer of Structural Energetic Therapy®, developer of Cranial/Structural Energetics, teacher, lecturer, author, and creator of a Light Meditation CD. Draws from his energetic and transformation studies in Transcendental Meditation, Sylva Mind Control, EST, Polarity Therapy, acupressure, Reiki, hypnosis, Touch for Health, Jin Shin Do, rebirthing, Bioenergetic therapy, Emei Qigong, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, Reconnection, Light Healing. Owner/Director of the Institute of Structural Energetic Therapy® in Lutz, FL.

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