SET featured in February issue of MASSAGE Magazine

“Imagine: A client comes for a massage session complaining of sever sinus pain. He could not have received a therapeutic treatment session in such an acute condition, so he is asked if it is okay for some energy healing to be applied to his sinuses so he can be comfortable enough to lie down and have his session. Within 30 seconds the pain in his sinuses is gone. His sinuses are no longer in pain while he receives his treatment for low-back pain.”

This is the introduction to a feature story on Structural Energetic Therapy┬« in the February issue of MASSAGE Magazine. The article, entitled “Entering the Heart Space” by Don McCann, explains some of the background and underlying principles of channeling healing energy through the heart space.


Entering the Heart Space by Don McCann


Click on the article title or image above to read the first few pages, and you can read the rest of the article here.

Cranial/Structural Energetics in Massage Magazine

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