Understanding Degenerative Disc Disease

The diagnosis of “Degenerative Disc Disease” by medical practitioners has scarred and upset many of the clients I have treated over a period of years. It sounds so overwhelming, insidious and final. If the patients only knew that it is a result of being in the core distortion pattern present when they were born. The Core Distortion consists of a spiral twist in their body that becomes more pronounced through life experiences resulting in more curvatures of the spine and uneven pressures on the spinal discs. This uneven pressure results in uneven wearing and thinning of the disc, and changes in the vertebrae.

What is unrecognized by most medical practitioners is the relationship of the distortion of the cranium to the spiral distortion of the core distortion and the entire structure of the body. The distortion found in the cranium relates directly to the pelvis. If the base of the spine is twisted and unsupported then the spine has increased curvatures resulting in Degenerative Disc Disease.

The good news is that when the cranial distortions are balanced then the pelvis comes back into balance and the curvatures of the spine are lessened taking the uneven pressures off the discs and vertebrae. This stops the degenerative progression and brings support to the spine that it hasn’t previously had. This is done through the Core Distortion Releases of Cranial Structural Energetics. Whether you have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease or want to balance the spiral in your body to prevent it this revolutionary treatment is quick, easy and effective.

degenerative disc disease

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