Now is the time to reverse problems in infants and young children

Cranial/Structural Therapy has been of tremendous benefit to infants and young children. Here are some incredible ways in which it has helped: a three week old infant that was born with Torticollis and was scheduled for surgery at six months of age was able to resume normal head and neck range of motion after just one session; a three month old baby who couldn’t nurse due to the formation of her mouth, after three sessions was successfully nursing; a seven month old who was projectile vomiting after every meal avoided abdominal surgery after just three treatments; a nine month old girl who was a diagnosed as a “failure to thrive” baby was active and growing and had caught up to the norm after four treatments; a thirteen month old boy who could hardly walk due to leg turn out and heels not touching the ground, was walking normally after two sessions; and a fifteen month old boy, born addicted to crack, after five sessions exhibited normal behavior.

They are a small representative sample of infants and young children who have been helped with Cranial/Structural Therapy. Each has had special needs and challenges addressed by the therapist. Some of the challenges stemmed from the fact that an infant’s cranium is mostly cartilage making it extremely soft and vulnerable to pressure. Others have needed special care and special understanding of their individual problems. In addition, many of the children have been extremely hard to keep still on the table as they are worked on. This is from their past painful or invasive experiences with anything resembling medicine. Some of the children have had hyperactive behavior patterns. It takes years of experience for a skilled Cranial/Structural Therapist to develop all of the skills necessary to successfully treat infants and young children. Cranial/Structural Energetics is the answer for any trained therapist to safely and successfully work with infants and young children with large problems and get the results of Cranial/Structural Therapy.

When a Therapist is trained in Cranial/Structural Energetics they learn to work with the cranium without having to actually hold or touch the person being treated. This eliminates problems with infant behavior, past painful experience, and possible damage to the soft and vulnerable craniums of the infants. The infant doesn’t even have to be in the Cranial/Structural Energetics Therapists’ office. The Cranial Structural Energetics Therapist doesn’t have to physically touch the children so the children with their soft and vulnerable craniums are never at risk of too much pressure. The Cranial/Structural Energetics techniques are applied energetically so it is impossible to do any harm. More important, it is possible to do so much good! Cranial Structural Energetics can bring all the benefits of Cranial/Structural Therapy to the recipient energetically, safely, and even from a distance.

Cranial/Structural Energetics for children

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