Quantum mechanics allows healing at a distance

When applying energetic healing techniques, you are not limited to being in the person’s or animal’s physical space. In fact, healing energy can sometimes be more effective from a distance! This opens up tremendous possibilities for working with people around the world who need the benefits of Cranial/structural Energetics.  Since all humans and mammals are born with the core distortion in their bodies any mammal or person can benefit from having their cranium released from this distortion. When using kinesiology to test people in the core distortion, approximately 50 percent of their muscles test at 50 percent or less strength and efficiency. This not only robs them of strength and function, but sets them up for degeneration of spine and joints. The weakness caused by the core distortion also leads to many injuries and inhibits full rehabilitation. Many of the people we have successfully treated have been in both acute and chronic pain from collapses of the core distortion which can be brought back into support by correcting the cranial core distortion using Cranial/Structural Energetics. The fact that this can be accomplished at a distance, whether great or small, makes this treatment available to any person or mammal on the planet.

Some amazing examples are:

• Gina, a two-week-old girl who had Torticollis, could only turn her head to one side. She lived in New York and her mother couldn’t bring her to Tampa, Florida for a hands on Cranial Structural Release session. After two distance Cranial/Structural Energetic treatments that released her core distortion, she had full range of motion of her head and neck. The problem had disappeared! This may not have been possible if Gina had to come to Tampa as her mother felt she was too delicate to travel.

• Jim, a 55 year old man, was having severe back pain, and his Chiropractor wasn’t successful in relieving it. Jim lived on the west coast of Florida, and the Structural Energetic Therapy Clinic is in Tampa. With just one distance treatment of Cranial/structural Energetics his core distortion was released; he was out of pain, and his chiropractic adjustments were no longer necessary. Jim never had to travel to Tampa to be treated.

• Mary, a 36-year-old teacher, was having chronic headaches and taking stronger medicines for limited relief over a year’s time. After two distance treatments of Cranial/Structural Energetics, her headaches diminished in pain and frequency and eventually disappeared. Mary never had to leave the east coast of Florida to receive the Cranial/Structural Energetics she needed.

These are only three examples where Cranial/Structural Energetics has been applied at a distance. Visit our About CSE Page to learn more about the amazing results that are possible by releasing the Core Distortion from the body using Cranial/structural Energetics, and now you can know that you are not limited by distance when seeking to benefit yourself and others!

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