Relief from chronic headaches

In answer to Sally’s question,” Will the CSE energetic cranial releases help me with my chronic headaches?” The answer is an emphatic “YES!” There have been many cases where the reason for the CSE energetic treatments have been headaches. Some have been when clients have been present in the office and others when clients have called in on the phone and received the treatment at a distance. The initial release of the cranial core distortion, releases restrictions in the cranial motion allowing unrestricted cerebral spinal fluid flow relieving fluid congestion inside the cranium which is a cause of many headaches.

Additional benefits also include balancing and enhancing the cranial motion where imbalances and restrictions in the cranial motion also contribute and cause headaches. When the Core Distortion is released from the cranium it also mobilizes and balances the relationship between the base of the cranium at the occiput and the atlas axis, where imbalances, immobility ,and distortion cause headaches. There are many more changes to the entire structure which affect tension patterns of the neck and shoulders a frequent cause of chronic tension headaches.

The majority of clients with headaches, even migraines report a significant decrease in the frequency, intensity and duration after the first session. Many who had a headache at the time of the treatment no longer have a headache within 5 minutes of the treatment. Some of the clients need additional treatments to be entirely rid of headache patterns which they had no hope of ever achieving. Thank you for your question.

To learn more about how Cranial Structural Energetics can provide relief for chronic headaches, attend Don’s lecture, Solutions for Headache Pain, at Abby’s Health & Nutrition on July 9, 2012. Mark your calendar!

relief from chronic hedache

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