The benefits of Cranial/Structural Energetics for new mothers

The miracle of giving new life through birth is such a joyful occasion! However, the challenge for the new mother is the pain following that momentous event at a time when she knows her tiny child is totally dependent on her and she wants to give so much. Often this pain is caused by a pelvis that is not able to come back together in balance and weight bearing support after spreading as the fetus grows and opening during the birth process.

A complicating factor here is the structural distortion, known as a core distortion or spiral, which is present in everyone. It manifests in a rotation of the iliums, a tipped sacrum, and exaggerated spinal curvatures, and for women usually includes a tipped uterus. For a new mother, once conception takes place additional stresses are placed on the pelvis and back which is already weakened by this distortion. As the fetus develops, the increased weight and size of the baby pulls against the spinal curvatures and spreads the iliums further apart destabilizing her pelvis even more and causing increased tippage of the sacrum. By the time the fetus is ready to be born the unsupported spine and pelvis have been under considerable stress creating pain, discomfort and disc compressions within the spine. During delivery, the iliums open further to allow the birth of the baby which results in stretching the soft tissue, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Often there is considerable tearing in the soft tissue which would normally be supporting the spine and pelvis. Now the pelvis is not able to come back together in any form of balance or weight bearing support leaving a new mother with considerable back pain and an infant who needs almost constant care. The weakened condition of her back and pelvis is also fertile ground for injuries as she lifts and carries her new baby.

Enter the Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases – a viable long term solution that can easily reverse the above scenario! The Cranial/Structural Core Distortion techniques will release the core distortion in the cranium and throughout the body. This results in weight bearing support and balance in the iliums and sacrum, a lessening of the curvatures in the spine, and an almost immediate significant reduction of the back pain.

Right after birth the tendons and ligaments and fascia are more malleable due to the chemicals in the mother’s body that facilitate the birth process. So, the most opportune time to do the Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases is as soon after birth as possible. Treating the new mother within 24 hours of birth is more effective than at any other time. After receiving this treatment the mother’s pelvis and back are actually more balanced and supported, and the spine is becoming straighter, than before she became pregnant. Often, the new mother is not only free of post birth pain, but any back pain that had been present for years prior to becoming pregnant is now gone!

Sometimes there are complications from delivery that prevent doing hands-on Cranial/Structural Core Distortion Releases. In these cases, Cranial/Structural Energetics is a very effective alternative that will release the core distortion energetically. The body will not bring harm to itself, so this is a technique that can be safely done for these releases even for people who have any of the common contraindications for hands-on treatment. These contraindications include medications, tears, spinal punctures, and surgeries such as Caesareans. Cranial/Structural Energetics releases can even be done from a distance. For instance, a Cranial/Structural Energetics therapist can treat a new mother even if therapist and mother are currently in separate countries.

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