The missing link

There is one very important variable in treating neck and back problems that is almost unrecognized by the medical profession. It is the cranium and its relationship to supporting the spine. Distortions found in the cranium reflect in the misalignment of the pelvis, resulting in a tipped sacrum (the base of the spine). When the base of the spine isn’t level there is no weight bearing support for it, and it must distort causing pain and dysfunction from muscle spasm to major disc problems.

Treatments for back and neck pain that do not also correct the distortions found in the cranium are incomplete and the untreated distortions of the cranium make it impossible for the pelvis to maintain balance and support for the spine. With so many treatments for back and neck pain available, not correcting the distortions of the cranium is the reason so many fail to produce long term relief. You cannot correct the problems of the spine without it being supported and the way to support the spine is to balance the cranium.

Cranial Structural Energetics treats and balances the distortions in the cranium that cause the distortions of the pelvis. When cranial distortions are released and balanced, neck and back conditions that have worsen or lingered for years can be successfully relieved. Cranial Structural Energetics is the missing link in the successful treatment of neck and back pain.

Pain Relief from Cranial/Structural Energetics

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