True healing comes through the heart space

True healing comes through the heart space. Research has confirmed that the way to develop intuition is to allow energy to come through by developing a bigger space in your heart. This does not mean that we have to have gushy emotional love for everyone to whom we want to send healing energy. Instead the heart chakra (energy center around the heart) can be expanded and developed to allow it to focus on a positive intention and become a channel for the Higher Power to heal.

Many of us already work more from our hearts and our heart chakras. Richard Gordon of Quantum Touch, Dr. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics, and Dr. Eric Pearl of the Reconnection all teach methods to develop the heart space, and consider that space to be significant for true healing. Emei Qigong has many techniques to expand the heart space and recognizes that each cell of the body has a heart space. I have learned and developed many amazing skills from studying these masters and recommend them to all of you as a way to further expand your own heart space and your own healing potential.

The healing space and energy that Cranial/Structural Energetics uses comes from the torsion field of the heart and is developed through practice with the Healing Light Meditation.


Heart Space

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