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Cranial/Structural Energetics is not just for humans. All living beings can benefit from this incredible healing energy. Take a look at this letter of gratitude from a pet owner who had nearly given up hope, until she heard about Cranial/Structural Energetics:

Dear Don,

When you, Pam, and Laura did Cranial/Stuctural Energeitcs at a distance for our dog Trance, it was an absolute miracle for her! Last fall she became very lethargic, not wanting to go out to play with the other dogs, fussy about food and not wanting to lift her head. We figured she was just getting older until she spent 4 days in the hospital on IV fluids, pain medications and antibiotics. Blood panels brought suspicion of a tumor so x-rays were also done. The x-rays revealed severe spondylosis with multiple points of fusion. Some of the calcium deposits had broken leaving sharp points making contact with the nerves in her spine. She was in tremendous amounts of pain. I had a canine massage therapist work with her, using relaxing techniques on the very tense muscles around the spine, along with medication these helped some.

Since the Cranial Structural Energetics you did it took time to see the difference but she runs with the pack again, chases our 3 month old puppy and our neighbors young dog. I firmly believe that we would have lost her without your help. Trance could not lift her head above the horizontal plane of her spine, she moved very slowly and deliberately. Could not get on our couch or into my SUV without assistance, I know this hurt her heart as she has always been one of those personalities “Let me do it on my own…” To see her youthful behavior come back, see her head up and watch her RUN… It’s like seeing her at 5 years old again.

What you have done for my family was such a blessing! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you continued success.

— Tiffanie, Dog Trainer and Owner
Plant City, FL

healthy, happy, playful pet

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