Meditation – Benefits, How To, Different Types During COVID-19

I have talked with many clients and massage therapists about the benefits of meditation and there are always a number of questions. The most common is how do I meditate? I answer that there are many ways to meditate and give examples of many of those. However, this answer many times creates confusion because when people meditate at first they think their mind is going to go blank immediately. They don’t understand that they just need to observe what the mind is doing while focusing on the process. Since there are so many types of meditation I am going to discuss progressive relaxation, mantras, countdowns, guided meditations, and my personal favorite – the Light Meditation that can also be used as a very powerful distance healing tool. If you would like to learn to meditate, or would like to try another form of meditation, please read the following article

What You Can Do If You Are Infected With COVID-19

I hope you never have this experience but if you are infected with COVID-19 there are some very important steps you can take that can drastically reduce or diminish the severity of your case. As the CDC says isolate yourself and contact your medical doctor, then get tested as soon as possible. This is all that many people know that they can do. Dr. Lee Cowden, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of ACIM, has compiled steps you can take for physician directed self-treatment or your physician to use for treatments that are holistic. He recommends this for his family members. These are procedures that many doctors would not necessarily know about, but could use them in your treatments. Find out more in this article.

What You Can Do if You Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

If you know you have been exposed to COVID-19 it is the time to be very aggressive in maximizing your immune system, the only defense you have against the virus. There are some steps you can take that have already shown success in China, and other steps you can take that have shown consistent success against flus and other viruses. These are not being widely broadcast in the news, but that does not mean that they could not make a difference in your fight against the COVID-19. Take a proactive aggressive stance to maximize your immune system and minimize the risk if you contact COVID-19. You don’t have to just wait and feel helpless.

How to apply for State and Federal Financial Assistance – COVID-19

If you are a massage therapist the Governor’s Executive Order #20-72 on March 20, 2020 resulted in your being unable to treat clients creating a financial hardship. Whether you work for a business that provided massage therapy, had your own business, or were self-employed you are no longer able to make a living doing massage. Both the State and Federal governments have made financial assistance available. Massage therapists who either worked for a business or were sole proprietors qualify for unemployment for up to 16 weeks. This is accessed by applying online to Unemployment will also be subsidized by the Federal government with an additional amount up to $600 a week. There is also a small business loan available from the SBA with a paycheck protection program for sole proprietorship or corporations, and any small business is eligible to borrow 250% of their average monthly payroll expenses intended to cover eight weeks of payroll expenses and additional amounts toward making payments toward debt obligations. Find out how to file for the financial assistance that you qualify for.

High Heat May Kill the Coronavirus

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a New York Times bestselling author and one of the leading holistic medical doctors in the world, recently published an article online on his recommendations for helping your body’s immune system fight the coronavirus. According to Dr. Mercola in his article High Heat May Kill the Coronavirus, a sauna kills bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses and boosts your immune function. He also states that Coronaviruses incubate in your sinuses for about three days before moving to your lungs, but could be destroyed by temperatures around 133 degrees which can be easily reached in a sauna. Additionally, he discusses supplements that can work along with your immune system to fight the COVID-19. Find out about Dr. Mercola’s recommendations by following the link in my article that is a synopsis of Dr. Mercola’s publication.

Nutritional Supplements and Specialty Products to Maximize your Immune System against COVID-19

You are missing a very important component in maximizing your immune system to fight the COVID-19 if you are not taking advantage of nutritional supplements and specialty products that have been shown to maximize the performance of your immune system and actually fight viruses. Knowing the right nutritional supplements and specialty products can make all the difference in the world in how your body responds to fight off COVID-19. Reviewed are some that have shown effectiveness in China and combinations that are known to produce optimal immune function. Find out if you are taking the supplements that will have maximum effectiveness to boost your immune system against COVID-19

Maintaining and Maximizing your Immune System to Prevent COVID-19

We can be our best friend or worst enemy during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Take responsibility for the condition of your own immune system. Find out if you are missing some important steps or have maximized your immune system for fighting off any exposures to COVID-19. Don’t wait until it is too late. It’s easier to raise your immune system to fight it off than to fight the infection of the virus.

Tips on Sanitizing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Confused? Sanitizing may be your best defense from COVID-19. The CDC tells us that social distancing and sanitizing are two of our main defenses against contacting COVID-19. As many of you have found this is a bigger challenge than you expected. Tips on sanitizing during the pandemic can make you aware of areas that you had previously not considered and offer solutions. In addition, find out about some of the best holistic, non-toxic sanitizers and options you have for protecting yourself, your family, and those you love. Click on the link for more information.

Free Light Meditation MP3

Today we are challenged like never before by COVID-19. It has never been more important for our immune systems to be functioning at their highest. We need to release the fear and fill our hearts with love. We need to lower our stress and we need to feel connected, not isolated. The hearing light mediation […]