World Healing for a New Future!

WORLD HEALING FOR A NEW FUTURE! A heart meditation to bring healing to the people of the world. Sponsored by Cranial/Structural Energetics and Structural Energetic Therapy® Please join us! We will be meditating from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. EST on December 21, 2012 and become part of this transformation. A brief explanation… We are looking […]

Quantum mechanics allows healing at a distance

When applying energetic healing techniques, you are not limited to being in the person’s or animal’s physical space. In fact, healing energy can sometimes be more effective from a distance! This opens up tremendous possibilities for working with people around the world who need the benefits of Cranial/structural Energetics.  Since all humans and mammals are […]

Now is the time to reverse problems in infants and young children

Cranial/Structural Energetics for children

Cranial/Structural Therapy has been of tremendous benefit to infants and young children. Here are some incredible ways in which it has helped: a three week old infant that was born with Torticollis and was scheduled for surgery at six months of age was able to resume normal head and neck range of motion after just one […]

Your pet can live a healthier, happier life

healthy, happy, playful pet

Cranial/Structural Energetics is not just for humans. All living beings can benefit from this incredible healing energy. Take a look at this letter of gratitude from a pet owner who had nearly given up hope, until she heard about Cranial/Structural Energetics: Dear Don, When you, Pam, and Laura did Cranial/Stuctural Energeitcs at a distance for […]

Relief from chronic headaches

relief from chronic hedache

In answer to Sally’s question,” Will the CSE energetic cranial releases help me with my chronic headaches?” The answer is an emphatic “YES!” There have been many cases where the reason for the CSE energetic treatments have been headaches. Some have been when clients have been present in the office and others when clients have […]

Understanding Degenerative Disc Disease

degenerative disc disease

The diagnosis of “Degenerative Disc Disease” by medical practitioners has scarred and upset many of the clients I have treated over a period of years. It sounds so overwhelming, insidious and final. If the patients only knew that it is a result of being in the core distortion pattern present when they were born. The […]

SET featured in February issue of MASSAGE Magazine

Cranial/Structural Energetics in Massage Magazine

“Imagine: A client comes for a massage session complaining of sever sinus pain. He could not have received a therapeutic treatment session in such an acute condition, so he is asked if it is okay for some energy healing to be applied to his sinuses so he can be comfortable enough to lie down and […]

True healing energy comes from a Higher Power

Higher Power

True healing energy comes from a Higher Power. This is recognized in every energetic healing method I have ever studied. It is not mine, and I am not the healer. Ego, especially ego enhancement, blocks the healing energy from the Higher Power preventing true healing to take place. To work effectively energetically we must let […]